Saturday, November 29, 2014

God Send Us?

So as we said in our last blog we were at a standstill at this point . Stephanie new that God was speaking to us and Joe was fighting it tooth and nail. The Fear of flying and the lack of trust to raise funds just were too much. Of course we submitted to pray and we new the other would heard from God and it would be settled. Well Joe decided that this fear had to go and started to ask for prayer. We remember going to a service where Dave Duell was preaching. Now Dave had prayed for us many times before and we had seen miracles. One of which is our youngest son, Jesse. The devil said we could not have him but God said different another story for another time. Anyway, Joe went up for prayer totally expecting to be delivered of a chicken spirit. Joe got delivered alright but not of a chicken spirit but of a spirit of control!  Wow "what a deal" as Dave would say. So now we were both in agreement that if God supplied the money to go in time we would go. Joe was still dealing with the fear of flying. The spirit may have been gone but we really didn't have any confirmation yet. Joe was pretty convince the money would not come in. One day a business man at church told Joe to stop by his office that he wanted to help us a little with the mission. Well time was pretty much up and we needed more than a little to go. Joe prayed "ok God if you really are telling us to do this it has to be you". As Joe went up to the mans office his secretary handed Joe a envelope. The long ride down in the elevator was a interesting one. Joe opened the envelope and found a check for $2000!!! Oh No we have to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God had spoken! Stephanie's faith and trust won out. Sometimes as a couple one of us has to take the reigns and seek the Lord for Gods best! Well now to prepare for the trip to Denmark and Sweden.

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